Introduction to VRS - The 3D Racer Project
Screenshot of the Space Profile Screenshot of the SunWalk Profile Screenshot of the Underwater Profile Our Project
      We developed a 3D Racer game including random 3D track generation and
      different camera perspectives using the Virtual Rendering System (VRS).

Team Members
      Stefan Voigt, Marcus Lehmann and Christoph Knop

      Special thanks to Aaron Mark Alsip and Patrick Bringezu providing
      skyboxes and 3D models!

      + random-generated 3D tracks
      + camera flight
      + free and time race
      + different camera perspectives
      + different profiles and much more

References and Sources
      VRS - Virtual Rendering System
      HPI Research - Computer Graphics Systems
      Octane Digital Studios

      Power Point Slides       3D Racer Application (complete 6,6MB)
      3D Racer Application (no dll's 2,95MB)       Needed DLL's (3,4MB)